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J Rabbit (제이레빗)Members: Jeong Da Woon (정다운) (left), Jeong Hye Seon (정혜선) (right)
Debut: 11-27-2010
Debut Album: Single "Take One"
Genre: Indie, Acoustic
Most Recent Release: The Rabbit Embraces the Moon (달을 품은 토끼) Vol. 2
If you like J Rabbit, check out: Oksang Dalbit (옥상달빛), 10cm (십센치), Besweet (비스윗), Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소), Yozoh (요조), Lalasweet (랄라스윗)
Anonymous asked
Hello can you recommend songs like clazziquai's love recipe? It has this kind of happy being in love and sweetness thank you :)

'Love Recipe' is such a wonderful song, it's got such an upbeat and happy rhythm to it! Other songs that may be similar to this would be:

초콜렛군 오렌지양 by Milktea

고양이왈츠 (Acoustic ver.) by 심규선

옥상달빛 by 옥상달빛(Oksang Dalbit)

Summer by 한살차이

Cappuccino by 316


ClazziquaiClazziquai Project클래지콰이milktea밀크티lucia루시아심규선옥상달빛Oksang DalbitHansalchae한살차이316happysweetugkrec
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This Night (이 밤)
  • ARTIST: Kemi (케미)
  • ALBUM: Single "This Night (이 밤)"
  • 697 plays

Artist: Kemi (케미)
Song: This Night (이 밤)
Album: Single “This Night 
(이 밤)”

A charming mixture of R&B and Soul Pop, Kemi’s This Night features a charismatic voice that perfectly expresses his emotions and is perfect for relaxation or late nights.  Whenever I’ve had a really long day, this is a song that I always find myself turning to.

kemi케미k rnbk musicugktop
Anonymous asked
Hello, I recently started listening to k-rap, and I was wondering if you'd have recommendations for songs that are similar to Epik High's Nocturne :)

Hey there~

I would recommend:
Zico - Dead President
Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier - AEAO
Rap Monster - Too Much (Instrumental: Drake - Too Much)
Tablo - Origin (출처) (Sratch by DJ Tukutz)
OneWay - The Forecast (feat. One Sound Choir)
B.I. - BE I

I hope you like these! ^^

- Devi :)

k rapk hip hopepik highzicodynamic duodj premierrap monstertablodj tukutzonewayb.ione sound choir에픽하이지코다이나믹 듀오랩몬스터타블로원웨이비아이ugkrec
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  • ARTIST: ResV
  • ALBUM: Lunar EP
  • 406 plays

Artist: ResV
Song: Resonance
Album: Lunar EP

ResV is an artist that came out with his Lunar EP in 2013 with 7 tracks. This song has a feel similar to Crucial Star’s instrumental through a jazzy feel. “Resonance” means the quality of a sound being “deep, full, and reverberating.” Through ResV’s voice along with the trumpet, piano, and jazz elements, it’s a song that is refreshing that you can easily relax to.

If you would like to listen to his EP album, click here.

resVk rnbjazzk rapk hip hop
Hi, I really like Vodka Rain's "I have no words". Especially the intense build up for the guy's part.. the desperation and passion in his voice.. do you know any other songs with this type of arrangement? Mellow to just really really painful.. thank you, I hope you have a great day/evening :)


Some artists/songs that I would suggest that have really emotional/intense buildups or lyrics would have to be:

eAeon (이이언)
FatDoo (팻두) - Phone Call With A Dead Friend (죽은 친구와의 전화) (Feat. Heenain)
Lee Seung Hwan (이승환) - Things That Only Happen To Me (내게만 일어나는 일) (Feat. MC Meta of Garion)

Have a good day ^^

- Dragana

eaeon이이언fatdoo팻두lee seung hwan이승환Vodka Rain보드카레인ugkrecmellowsad
100sr asked
For the nujabes ask, I recommend Mind Combined. Some of their tracks are reaally similar to nujabes, real nice vibes. Also, Analog Tag is very nujabes-like, reallyy chill hiphop. aaaand I guess Jazzhop is pretty good. They use more acoustic sounds, but still chiiilll :)

It’s even cooler when our followers recommend things :3 Thank you!!

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Try Again
  • ARTIST: Dok2 (도끼) & Rado (라도)
  • ALBUM: It's We EP
  • 568 plays

Artist: Dok2 (도끼) & Rado (라도)
Song: Try Again
Album: It’s We EP

South Korean rapstar, Dok2, and R&B singer, Rado, collaborate and release the EP entitled It’s We. There’s nothing much to be said about this song other than the fact that it’s awesome and that Dok2 and Rado make a great team!

Buy it on iTunes!

dok2rado도끼라도k rapk hip hop
Anonymous asked
could you recommend me some good female hip hop artists?

Hello :D

I would suggest to check out ASH B, Kasper, Yoon Mi Rae, Choi Sam. Some song you should check out are:

ASH B - 달라

Kasper (캐스퍼) - Hell and Back

Yoon Mi Rae (윤미래) - Get It In or 내일을 위해

Choi Sam (최삼) - La Cucaracha

There’s also a list of some other female hip-hop artists here! Hope you enjoy ^^


female rapperk rapk hip hopugkrecash bkasper캐스퍼Yoon Mi Rae윤미래choi sam최삼
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  • ARTIST: Iron (아이언)
  • ALBUM: Show Me The Money (쇼미더머니) 3 Part.1
  • 590 plays

Artist: Iron (아이언)
Song: I AM
Album: Show Me The Money (쇼미더머니) 3 Part.1

Iron (real name: Jung Heon Cheol/정헌철), is an underground rapper, currently on Mnet’s hip-hop survival show Show Me The Money. He was in the original lineup of BTS (a hip-hop idol group). His rap style is powerful and intense.

Click HERE to watch the performance from Show Me The Money 3.

Buy it on iTunes!

ironshow me the money 3show me the money아이언k rapk hip hop
Anonymous asked
you guys know any artists that are kinda like zico? like they have deep meanings in their songs and are pure hip hop i guess? thanks in advance :)

Hello ^^

Zico is one of my favorite artists; he’s so talented when it comes to composing music and lyrics. Some artists/songs that I would suggest are:

Crucial Star (크루셜 스타)
FatDoo (팻두) - Phone Call With A Dead Friend (죽은 친구와의 전화) (Feat. Heenain)
Just Music (저스트뮤직) [Make-up of a group of artists]
SOOL J (술제이)
STi (스티)
Simon Dominic (사이먼 도미닉) [He has a very deep and unique voice]

I hope this was useful!

- Dragana

zico지코block b블락비Crucial Star크루셜 스타크루셜스타fatdoo팻두just music저스트뮤직Sool J술제이sti스티simon dominic사이먼도미닉사이먼디ugkreck hip hopk rap
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A Real Man
  • ARTIST: Swings (스윙스) & Ailee (에일리)
  • ALBUM: Single "A Real Man"
  • 944 plays

Artist: Swings (스윙스) & Ailee (에일리)
Song: A Real Man
Album: Single “A Real Man”

About a year after Swings released “A Real Lady,” he releases “A Real Man.” Ailee’s vocals go exceptionally well with the song. Overall, the song is very upbeat.

Buy it on iTunes

swingsailee스윙스에일리k hip hopk rapugktop

To celebrate 10,000 followers… 1MAN?


What else but a giveaway? :D

Gonna stick with the same rules as the last giveaway:

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of country or origin! Here are the rules:

Read More

k indiekorean indiek musickorean musickpopk rapk hip hopk rockk balladk electronicagiveaway1man giveawayyesasia
Anonymous asked
Can you recommend songs with nice melodies? (Rnb) Like Flat shoes/It's your boy by Crucial Star? ^o^ Or Happy birthday by Soul Star?


here are a few songs I recommend that are rnb with nice melodies ^__^ i tried to pick out songs with great melodies and rap like the ones you referenced. hope you like the songs!


Click me by Zion. T

Phone Number by Swings 

이대로도 예뻐 by 타코앤제이형

The Lady by 2lson

Happy Birthday by Verbal Jint another birthday song for you :)


zion. Tswings타코앤제이형2lsonverbal jintk rnbugkrec자이언티스윙스tako & j hyung투엘슨버벌진트
taesoju asked
Hello~ do you know of any k-rnb female artists? I only know a few and they seem hard to track down. So far I know Boni and Henmi lol

Yay, more k-r&b asks :D

Hmmm, this is similar to our previous ask, i guess it could be more of a part 2. Also, I should have included Henmi in the other rec, she’s def a gem.

As for your particular ask, check out Hoody for sure:
Hoody (후디) - Baby Oh Baby
Hoody (후디) - My Ride
Delicat X Stally - Last Time (Feat.Hoody)

Xena also released this song recently, which im totally diggin’:
제나 (Xena) - Body Talk

Heize has both a r&b and hip-hop feel to her. Really good stuff.
Heize (헤이즈) — 조금만 더 방황하고(Feat. Crucial Star)
Heize (헤이즈) - 알고 있어

-daniel :)

Anonymous asked
Do you happen to know where to find Hoody's (후디) ‘By Myself’ Mixtape? I can't find it anywhere :(

Hey there!
I just uploaded it for you :)
Hoody’s (후디) ‘By Myself’ Mixtape