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J Rabbit (제이레빗)Members: Jeong Da Woon (정다운) (left), Jeong Hye Seon (정혜선) (right)
Debut: 11-27-2010
Debut Album: Single "Take One"
Genre: Indie, Acoustic
Most Recent Release: The Rabbit Embraces the Moon (달을 품은 토끼) Vol. 2
If you like J Rabbit, check out: Oksang Dalbit (옥상달빛), 10cm (십센치), Besweet (비스윗), Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소), Yozoh (요조), Lalasweet (랄라스윗)
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No Make Up (화장 지웠어) (Feat. Zion.T, Ha:Tfelt)
  • ARTIST: Gaeko (개코 of Dynamic Duo)
  • 706 plays

Artist: Gaeko (개코 of Dynamic Duo)
Song: No Make Up (화장 지웠어) (Feat. Zion.T, Ha:Tfelt)

Recently, Gaeko (개코), member of Dynamic Duo ( 다이나믹듀오), released an album entitled “REDINGRAY.” This song in particular happens to be one of my personal favorites. Gaeko’s skillful rapping and Ha:Tfelt and Zion. T’s smooth voices compliment one another quite well. The beat is really good too. The whole album was anything but disappointing, and it’s definitely worth a listen! 

Click here to watch the MV.

gaekoha:tfeltDynamic Duo개코다이나믹듀오자이언티Zion.Tk rapk hip hopugktop
hyemi1004 asked
Hi (: hope you're doing well~! I was wondering if you could recommend me songs similar to Body Language - San E Thank you ~

Hey there~

If you like Body Language, I think you would like:

Gary - 조금 이따 샤워해 Shower Later (feat. Crush)
Swings - Pool Party (Feat. 윤종신‚ 임슬옹‚ G.NA)
Swings - A Real Lady (feat. Gray, Beenzino, & Zion. T) 
Zion.T - She (feat. Beenzino)
Bumkey - 갖고놀래 (Attraction) (Feat. Dynamic Duo)

I hope you like these!

- Devi :)

san egaryswingsbumkey개리스윙스자이언티범키산이Zion.Tk hip hopk rapugkrec
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Raise a Dog (개 키워) (2010 Version) (Feat. Bizzy & Ceejay & 놀부 & 권사장)
  • ARTIST: YDG (Yang Dong Geun)
  • ALBUM: Best of the Best
  • 416 plays

Artist: YDG (Yang Dong Geun)
Song: Raise a Dog (개 키워) (2010 Version) (Feat. Bizzy & Ceejay & 놀부 & 권사장)
Album: Best of the Best

One thing I find interesting about YDG is his rapping style. It has this lazy, laid-back feeling, which I find refreshing, since I don’t hear people with that distinct style too often. Besides that, his music also has that old school feel to it.

Buy it in iTunes!

ydgyang dong geun양동근BizzyCeejay놀부권사장비지k rapk hip hop
07bangtan asked
Hello~! Was wondering whether you could recommend some songs similar to Neon Bunny's "It's You"? Love the blog ;u;

Hey there~

Actually the exact same question was answered a while back. You can take a look at it HERE!

- Devi ^-^ 

neon bunny야광토끼
Anonymous asked
Do you have any download links for any of Verbal Jints discography or albums? Thanks so much for your time T u T! You guys are awesome!!!

Hey there!

Thank you so much for the kind words~ As said in a previous ask, you could probably go to k2nblog and search up Verbal Jint to find most of his songs (even ones that he featured in). Verbal Jint is pretty popular too so you can google “버벌진트 (name of song) mp3” and you’re bound to find whatever song you’re looking for ^^ Hope this helps!

- Jane

verbal jint버벌진트downloadk rapk hip hopAnonymous
Hi~! I was wondering... Do you know where can I get Beenzino's discography? Thank you in advance~!

Hello ^^

HERE is a list of all of Beenzino’s discography, even the songs that he featured in. To download his songs, you can probably find most of them on K-music download sites like k2nblog by searching his name in the search bar :3 If it’s not there, you can most likely find his stuff by googling “빈지노 (name of song) mp3” since he has become pretty popular.

- Dragana & Jane

beenzino빈지노downloadk rapk hip hop
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  • ARTIST: The Lads (청년들)
  • ALBUM: Youth (청춘) EP
  • 598 plays

Artist: The Lads (청년들)
Song: 108
Album: Youth (청춘) EP

The Lads produce music that fit their band name - upbeat, free-spirited rock music geared toward young people. This song in particular has a lot to it and just makes you wanna dance around! Though they’re a young band that just debuted last year, I hope they make more music and grow (but still remain as the silly Lads that they are).

The Lads청년들k rockk music
Anonymous asked
Hello; would you know of any artists who involve political messages in their music? I need to find one for an art assignment, and your blog is usually helpful - I've found so much great music, thank you for all your work!

Hey there~

I definitely know a few! Some of them are:

Zico (지코)
Epik High (에픽하이)
Tablo (타블로)
Zatmaruami (
Fatdoo (팻두)

- Devi & Jane ^^

zico지코Epik High에픽하이tablo타블로zatmaruami잿마루아미fatdoo팻두ugkreck rapk rockpolitical
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  • ARTIST: Roy Kim (로이킴)
  • ALBUM: 2집 HOME
  • 1,288 plays

Artist: Roy Kim (로이킴)
Song: Home
Album: 2집 HOME

Roy Kim is back with a full length album named “HOME” and his title song “Home” depicts beautiful connections and interactions among humans, and the love among family. Roy Kim’s vocals are soothing yet powerful along with the piano, guitar, and band which are all composed beautifully with his vocals and the mood of the lyrics.

Click here to watch the MV.

Buy it in iTunes!

roy kim로이킴k balladk musicugktop
babybabo asked
Hi! Could you recommend some songs similar to Tete's Love & Relax? Thanks!!

Hello there! I think I could help you out a bit by answering your question! Here are a few that make me swoon just as much as Tete’s Love & Relax:

The Manual (너 사용법) by Eddy Kim (에디킴) 

No Longer Will I Sing About Sadness (더 이상 슬픔을 노래하지 않으리) by Han Heejung (한희정)

Not A Bad Day (그저그런 하루) by No Reply (노리플라이)

Most Ordinary Experience (가장 보통의 존재) by Sister’s Barbershop (언니네 이발관)

Is This Love (이게 사랑일까) feat. Haeun (하은) by Coffee Boy (커피소년)

Breakup (헤어지기) by sweet salt (달콤한소금)

Breaking For You, Not Yet Me (넌 이별 난 아직) by Standing EGG

Vacant (빈집) by Lee Janghyuk(이장혁)

I’m sure you’ll love these songs just as much as Love & Relax, so sit back, and enjoy the amazing jams!

- Andy

이장혁lee jang hyukStanding Egg달콤한소금Sweet SaltCoffee Boy커피소년언니네 이발관Sister's Barbershop노리플라이No reply한희정han hee jungEddy Kim에디킴Tete테테K indiekorean indiekorean music스탠딩 에그ugkrec
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If I Were Your Boyfriend (내가 남자 친구라면)
  • ARTIST: Toy (토이)
  • ALBUM: 5집 Fermata
  • 1,324 plays

Artist: Toy (토이)
Song: If I Were Your Boyfriend (내가 남자 친구라면)
Album: 5집 Fermata

With sweet hymns and soft beats, the originator of Korean indie Yoo Hee Yeol released his fifth album Fermata as Toy in 2001. A sweet song about longing to be the girl of his dreams’ boyfriend, this is a great song to listen to when you have to gather up that courage and go for it!

Click here to watch the MV.

Buy it on iTunes!

ToyK indiek rock토이
Anonymous asked
Do you have a link for downloading the discography of MoT and/or similar artists?

Hi there~

Here is a download link for both 못 albums. You just need to scroll down a little bit to find them.

For similar artists you can check out these previously answered asks (1|2) about eAeon. You could also try:

Manicure (매니큐어) - Guckkasten (국카스텐)
Moth - VEINS (베인스) 
Mr.MUNBA - Pigibit5 (This band is a little more strange, upbeat than MoT, but the singer’s voice carries the same type of feeling! The beginning is quite weird, but the rest of the song starts after 14:40.)

Hope we were able to help you!


ugkrecmotk rockeAeon이이언Guckkasten국카스텐VEINS베인스Pigibit5k electronicatrip hop
default album art
  • ALBUM: Single "SKOLOR"
  • 848 plays

Artist: SKOLOR
Album: Single “SKOLOR”

With his own unique flow and fast rhyme spitting, SKOLOR is not your average rapper, and does an amazing job showcasing that he is pretty amazing! The rap takes on a very heavy hip-hop sound, but has a little guitar twist in it as well, giving it the ultimate flare and uniqueness to it, which will have you bobbing your head and moving those feet!

Click here to watch the MV.

Buy it on iTunes!

SKOLORK rapkorean hip hopk hip hop
hey! love your blog! do you know any songs that have the same sound and feel as 틈 (The Space Between) by Soyou (Sistar) , Kwon Soon Il & Park Yong In (Urban Zakapa) ? thank you in advance!


봄,사랑,벚꽃 말고 (Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms) - IU, HIGH4
Crush - Urban Zakapa
Gentle Rain - Clazziquai Project
Don’t Lose Weight (살빼지 마요) - SORAN (소란)
Blind - Junggigo (정기고)
Your Scent (사람냄새) - Gary Kang & Jung In

and you might know this since it’s also with Soyou Some (썸) by Soyu (SISTAR) & Junggigo (ft. Lil Boi of Geeks)

Hope you like the songs ^__^

-Sera & Yazzy

iuhigh4urban zakapaclazziquai projectsoyousistarjunggigougkrec아이유하이포어반자카파클래지콰이소란soran정기고씨스타강개리정인garyjung inKwon Soonil권순일Park Yongin박용인
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On the Way to Meet You (너를 만나러 가는 길)
  • ARTIST: Right Life (바른생활)
  • ALBUM: Single "On the Way to Meet You (너를 만나러 가는 길)"
  • 1,018 plays

Artist: Right Life (바른생활)
Song: On the Way to Meet You (너를 만나러 가는 길)
Album: Single “On the Way to Meet You (너를 만나러 가는 길)”

On the first listen, there might not be anything special or unique about this duo, but you’ll notice a strange nostalgic feeling that comes from their simple music. They’re a very comfy and soothing listen, and the music video just might make you cry. Warning you now because I learned on my own.

Click here to watch the MV.

Right Life바른생활k indiek music