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Vanilla Unity (바닐라 유니티)Members: Lee Sung Joo (이성주), Jimmy Jang (장지미), Damon Joe, Nick, Kim Min Seong (김민성)
Debut: 2-11-2011
Debut Album: 1집 Lo.Ve
Genre: Indie, Rock
Most Recent Release: 4집 We Are Rising
If you like Vanilla Unity, check out: Royal Pirates (로열 파이럿츠), The Nuts (더 넛츠), Loveholic (러브홀릭), Tell And Listen (말하기듣기)
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Sometimes (가끔)
  • ARTIST: Crush (크러쉬)
  • ALBUM: Single 'Sometimes'
  • 710 plays

Artist: Crush (크러쉬)
Song: Sometimes (가끔)
Album: Single ‘Sometimes’

Crush has often worked with artists such as LOCO, Gary, Supreme Team, and Dynamic Duo, both singing and composing lyrics. He finally made his official solo debut under Amoeba Culture with this song, and it sounds amazing!

Click here to watch the MV.

Crushk popamoeba culturedebutk r&bugktop
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Melted (얼음들)
  • ARTIST: Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션)
  • ALBUM: Play
  • 898 plays

Artist: Akdong Musician (악동뮤지션)
Title: Melted (얼음들)
Album: Play

Akdong Musician is a talented and extremely interesting duo consisting of siblings Lee Chan Hyuk (이찬혁) and Lee Soo Hyun (이수현). They are only 17 and 14 years old, respectively, and are the winners of K-Pop Star 2. They also do their own vocals, instrumentals, and lyric compositions, which is really impressive! Their new album definitely showcases their talent, and I’m looking forward to what they have in store for us in the future.

Click here to watch the MV.

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Goodbye Part 2 (안녕 Part2)
  • ARTIST: Mintgray (민트그레이)
  • ALBUM: [Mini Album] Writing Bitterness
  • 796 plays

Artist: Mintgray (민트그레이) 
Song: Goodbye Part 2 (안녕 Part2)
Album: [Mini Album] Writing Bitterness

Despite the very pretty looking, girlish cover art, Mintgray is a modern rock band consisting of 송지훈 (Song Ji Hoon) on vocals & guitar, 이화용 (Lee Hwa Yong) on guitar, 최빛남 (Choi Bit Nam) on bass and 정재훈 (Jung Jae Hoon) on drums. Without doubt, this band is one of my newest favorites. Fans of bands such as Nell are sure to love Mintgray! 

Mintgrayk indiek rock
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2 Years Apart
  • ARTIST: Eddy Kim (에디킴)
  • ALBUM: Single "2 Years Apart"
  • 2,880 plays

Artist: Eddy Kim (에디킴) 
Song: 2 Years Apart
Album: Single “2 Years Apart

Eddy Kim (에디킴), a top 10 finalist in SuperStar K4 and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, released this song on YouTube recently! Personally, I love everything about this track- from its lyrics to acoustics and vocals. The song talks about a man going to mandatory military service for two years and worrying about his girl during that time. Eddy Kim seems to be an amazing artist- hopefully, we’ll hear many more amazing tracks from him in the days to come. 

Click here to watch the MV. 

Eddy Kimk indieacousticsuper star k4ugktop
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Side Mirror Girl (사이드미러걸) (Feat. Sanchez/산체스 of Phantom)
  • ARTIST: Louie/루이 (from Geeks/긱스)
  • ALBUM: Inspiration (靈感 - 영감)
  • 786 plays

Artist: Louie/루이 (from Geeks/긱스)
Song: Side Mirror Girl (사이드미러걸) (Feat. Sanchez/산체스 of Phantom)

Album: Inspiration (靈感 - 영감)

Louie, a member of Geeks, recently released a new solo album featuring several of my favorite artists. This song, featuring Sanchez of Phantom, is about how like the side mirror of a car, the girl that the artist likes seems close but is actually far away.

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LouieGeeksSanchezPhantomk rapk indieugktop
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R&B (알엔비)
  • ARTIST: Sosimhan Boys (소심한 오빠들)
  • ALBUM: Single "R&B (알엔비)"
  • 1,404 plays

Artist: Sosimhan Boys (소심한 오빠들)
Song: R&B (알엔비)
Album: Single “R&B (알엔비)”

There is just something that caught my attention when I first heard this song. What makes this song special is that it has a ballad-like melody but it was sung acoustically with simple lyrics of “I sing R&B”. Moreover, their harmonization is indeed perfect, very soothing! 

soshimhan boysk-indie
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In My Pockets
  • ARTIST: Morrie (모리)
  • ALBUM: 1 집 Don't Listen To This Music If You Are Happy (당신이 행복하다면 이 음악은 듣지 마세요)
  • 1,186 plays

Artist: Morrie (모리)
Song: In My Pockets
Album: 1 집 Don’t Listen To This Music If You Are Happy (당신이 행복하다면 이 음악은 듣지 마세요)

A very happy song I can say. Morrie’s light and sweet vocal managed to uplift the mood of this song. The bouncy rhythm will certainly make you smile. Indeed, a perfect song to enjoy your sunny days while walking along the park. 



UGK followers, supporters, and people who just learned about us:


Underground Kpop is officially 2 years old!!!!

OMG. I still remember when I first got into Korean indie back in 2012. It was actually eye-opening, not even exaggerating, because I had only known Kpop for so long. It was literally like entering a completely new realm. I became cognizant of how much music there is in the world and, more importantly, how many artists there are. Sadly, with the existence of so many artists, it cannot be helped that most go by unnoticed or unrecognized even though they have talent.

That’s why there is UGK. It’s been two years of amazing music, various blog themes, and creative ideas. I’ve enjoyed every moment spent on this blog and once my hiatus is over (Lent), I hope to come back and put my 200% into UGK. I live for this music, I love our followers, and I thank you all from the depths of my heart for all the wonderful messages and multitudes of notes. It means more than the world to me and the other admins. Speaking of which, thank you so, so much to all the admins especially for taking on UGK during my hiatus. I wish I could hug you all right now 

Let’s make it another awesome year~!! ^0^

- Jane

i should make an anniversary tag and see what year i write the cheesiest postanniversary
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Ring Back Tone (통화 연결음)
  • ARTIST: Sunny Hill (써니힐)
  • ALBUM: 1집 Love Letter
  • 1,058 plays

Artist: Sunny Hill (써니힐)
Song: Ring Back Tone 
(통화 연결)
Album: 1집 Love Letter

This song was released on 2007 and I’ve listened to this song for like a million times. In case you’re wondering, this song tells about someone who tried to move on from his/her past relationship. If you’re a fan of a light song, you will probably love this. The simple melody soothes me despite of its heartbreaking lyrics. 

Click here to watch the MV. 

Buy it in ITUNES !

sunny hillkpop
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Confession (고백)
  • ARTIST: Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)
  • ALBUM: Single "Confession (고백)"
  • 2,006 plays

Artist: Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)
Song: Confession (고백)
Album: Single “Confession (고백)

I am always excited whenever Standing Egg releases a new song. This song was released last month and has topped several music charts after its release. I can never be disappointed with their songs; this is simply a perfect song to enjoy spring while walking among the cherry blossoms.  

Buy it in ITUNES !

standing eggugktopk indie
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I Already Know (다알아)
  • ALBUM: Single "I Already Know (다알아)"
  • 2,410 plays

Artist: PHANTOM (팬텀)
Song: I Already Know (다알아)
Single “I Already Know (다알아)”

This song has a nice and calm character but the vocals still manage to show off a great range! The lyrics show appreciation for someone who always has your back and considering the music video, it’s likely that they’re talking about their fans, so sweet!

Click here to watch the MV.

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phantomk indiek musicgivindieugktopkpop
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I As For You (그대에게 난)
  • ARTIST: Blue Radio (블루라디오)
  • ALBUM: Single "I As For You (그대에게 난)"
  • 1,254 plays

Artist: Blue Radio (블루라디오)
Song: I As For You (그대에게 난)
Album: Single “I As For You (그대에게 난)”

I don’t know what it is about this song - maybe it’s the piano mixed with the light drums and guitar - but it feels so sweet. The high notes of the chorus are very gentle and the melody is simple but the vocalist puts a lot of emotion into it. The band is named Blue Radio because they would like to be by your side playing heart-moving music when you’re sad. They are my new remedy for the blues (no pun intended).

Buy it in iTunes!

Blue Radiok indiek rock
Hi, you guys posted to link to MUSIC DB a while ago and it's been really great to find new Korean indie music! However today I tried to access it and got a weird error message that looks like it's saying Music DB doesn't exist anymore. Do you know what's going on with the website? I'd be really sad if it disappeared! Thanks :)

Hi there!

Luckily, you can still reach zazonsim.com ^^ However, you’ll see a huge notice on the home page.

In a nutshell, what happened was that there were a lot of issues building up as more people used the site i.e. site funding, copyright, etc. And zazonsim was originally just a music file link sharing site but I guess problems arose as people uploaded pictures of album covers (don’t quote me on this). So the admin erased all the posts from before. Now, if there is anything wrong with links that people share, the posts are going to be deleted immediately without notice. The admin would also like to run zazonsim as a source for club and indie music rather than mainstream music.

So zazonsim will still run but it’s starting fresh. There are now only two categories at the top of the page which are “Elec & Club” and “Songs You Must Listen To (꼭들어야하는음악).” Hope all that information helped and everyone continues to use zazonsim (or start using it ^^).

- Jane (temporarily back from hiatus just to answer this question :3)

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Sad and Mad
  • ARTIST: J Tack
  • 1,370 plays

Artist: J Tack
Song: Sad and Mad

J Tack is an incredibly talented Korean artist who sings primarily in English. His voice is so pleasant and smooth that I want to listen to him sing all day. His music has American influences, which is apparent in this song. Check out his YouTube channel and new Facebook page for more!

J Tackindiek indieugktop
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Hold Me Tight (감아) (Feat. Crush/ 크러쉬)
  • ARTIST: Loco (로꼬)
  • ALBUM: Single "Hold Me Tight"
  • 2,132 plays

Artist: Loco (로꼬)
Song: Hold Me Tight (감아) (Feat. Crush/크러쉬)
Album: Single “Hold Me Tight”

Loco is out with a new single! Loco is part of AOMG, a label that manages other artists such as Jay Park, Gray, and Simon D. His effortless rapping combined with Crush’s melodic vocals create a really cool song about a girl who is their comfort and relief after stressful days.

Buy it in iTunes!

LocoCrushk hip hopk rapk musicugktop